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Gary E. Hanes & Associates, LLC has affiliated with Move In Success to provide training for housing providers on limited English proficiency.


One of the continuing obligations every property manager has is maintaining staff knowledge and skill levels – the HUD Guidance and your Language Access Plan emphasizes the need for staff training.  This is doubly true for managers of assisted housing projects.  They are subject to both the Civil Rights Act’s Title VIII (the Fair Housing Act) and the Title VI requirement to provide “meaningful access” for those that are limited English proficient.  Of course, like with any employer, staff must be trained to refresh their skills and there is always the challenge of staff turnover.


Move In Success has produced an on-demand video training module on language access.  The training covers all the essential points onsite managers of federally assisted housing need to know.  This will help ensure appropriate language assistance for those that are not English proficient and compliance with HUD guidance to avoid civil rights complaints.


Your managers will access this online product at their convenience and at their computer—a cost-effective solution.  They will learn at their own pace when it doesn’t interfere with other work or time off.  This also eliminates unproductive hours in travel time and expense going to and from a training site.  A skills test is administered as part of this package to reinforce the training and verify learning.


Move In Success also offers a host of tenant training modules that are available in multiple languages.  There is information in the attached pamphlet.  Here’s a link (fast download at 720p) to more information about the Move In Success video training products.


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